our most valued asset At Bluestream we live by the value of our people, which is fundamental for us as a company to be safe, committed and successful. We truly believe that your talent, capacity and knowledge will make a difference in our team and we will make the difference for you.
Sander; Junior Project Engineer

Sander; Junior Project Engineer

"I work as a Project Engineer at the Diving department. The most I enjoy about working at Bluestream is that everyone has a can-do mentality and no challenge is too great.

The offshore sector always had my attention and after working at a different company I decided to leave the sector I was working in and to join the offshore sector! The diversity of the work and the dynamic nature of the company is something I appreciate. Every day I am learning something new and my estimate is I will continue to learn from everyone at Bluestream for quite a while.

The pleasant atmosphere and my colleagues make going to work worthwile!"

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