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We are highly skilled in surface supplied diving, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), working at height, rope access and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV).

We provide our clients with tailored solutions to ensure sustainability and profitability during the installation, maintenance and decommissioning of their offshore assets. To do this, we combine profound knowledge and decades of experience with the ambition to innovate in a world where the energy industry is evolving.

Our expertise
Bluestream Offshore service demand diving OWF Oil and Gas


Bluestream owns and operates various cutting-edge, modular, air-diving spreads. 

Bluestream Offshore ROV OWF Oil and Gas Renewable energy


We are well equipped to meet the growing demand for remote, subsea interventions. 

Bluestream Offshore Rope access OWF Oil and Gas

Rope access

We can enter hard-to-reach locations by using industrial climbing techniques. 

Bluestram UAV Drone OWF
UAV, Drone, inspection, offshore, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas


To ascertain whether additional inspections or repair activities are needed.

Bluestream Mike and Rolf

'Together we find the best solutions for our clients'

Rolf de Vries and Mike Katuuk


At the heart of offshore energy
Our latest projects
Bluestream Mike and Rolf

Together we find the best solutions for our clients

Mike (Material Coordinator)  and Rolf (Managing Director)

Diving, ROV, rope access, renewable energy
Directly for the major players and as dedicated subcontractor

Bluestream serves small and medium-sized businesses as well as the major players. We work directly with operators but also as a subcontractor through main contractors. While we have a global sales market, our base is located in the southern North Sea. We’re extremely proud that satisfied clients stay with us for the long term, and our client base is growing year after year.

Bluestream offshore services, careers
Your new career starts here

Are you ready for a new challenge? One where you can fully utilise your talents, at a company that values your input? Then join the Bluestream team.


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