Bluestream Offshore Rope access OWF Oil and Gas

Rope access operations

Rope access enables us to enter hard-to-reach locations by using industrial climbing techniques. Bluestream’s specialism in industrial rope access has reached the point where it’s the method chosen most often for working at height, especially in the offshore energy market.

As a certified IRATA member, Bluestream’s rope access operations comply with the strict IRATA guidelines to deliver an exceptionally safe and professional working method.

The advantages of rope access include quickly and safely getting our specialists to and from their working location, meaning minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations of our clients.

The combination of total labour hours/costs and the level of risk for a particular task is often reduced when using rope access, in comparison with other means of access. 

Bluestream Offshore Rope access OWF Oil and Gas
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