Bluestream ROV Remotely operated vehicles

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Bluestream is well equipped to meet the growing demand for sophisticated, remote, subsea interventions. Whether it’s an inspection campaign or installation/construction support, we’re always able to allocate the most efficient vehicle to the task. We have a fleet of more than 20 ROV systems of various sizes – from observation- and inspection-class vehicles up to light work-class vehicles.

Bluestream's approach focuses on obtaining a complete and accurate picture from every ROV operation. For this, all inspection parameters are uploaded into a client-specific viewer. This enables us to walk through all the planned steps in a straightforward, step-by-step manner and execute our tasks to protocol. A dedicated software module also enables us to give our clients the opportunity to review specific activities instead of the complete ROV footage.

For more challenging projects, Bluestream has access to a wide range of tools that can be easily connected to the ROV, from cleaning tools to advanced NDT equipment.

Bluestream teamwork

At Bluestream we work with different departments together to exceed client expectations.

Peter (Asset and R&D Manager), Mike (Foreman ROV) and Mieke (Receptionist)

The right ROV for your project

Bluestream ROV SEAEYE Cougar XT TMS
ROV, offshore, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas

Seaeye Cougar XT TMS

The compact yet high powered Seaeye Cougar XT TMS can be deployed for a wide variety of tasks, depending on its configuration.

Bluestream Offshore ROV Videoray
ROV, offshore, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas

Videoray Pro 4

The Videoray Pro 4 is an ROV especially designed to perform quickly and effectively advanced underwater imaging tasks.

Bluestream Offshore ROV OWF Oil and Gas
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