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Bluestream completed annual inspection campaign at Gemini OWF

Gemini requested Bluestream to conduct the annual subsea BoP inspections of various WTG foundations and offshore sub stations. The inspection program included both general visual inspections (GVI), Close Visual Inspections (CVI) and CP measurements.

Bluestream utilised the ROVSV Vos Sugar, with three different ROV systems installed on board. The deployment of three ROVs ensures enhanced coverage and accelerated inspection processes. Each ROV is equipped with cameras, tooling and advanced sensor technology, enabling us to capture detailed imagery and collect critical data on asset integrity including potential measurements and the overall condition of the entire structure and its components.
In addition to the BoP inspections, Bluestream was prepared for UAV inspections and oyster reef works to respectively assess the integrity of the WTG foundations above waterline and to support external scientists with the evaluation of marine life.

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