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Bluestream opens second location in The Lobby Rijswijk

Bluestream has been based in Den Helder for almost 15 years.
With pride, we announce the opening of a new office in The Lobby Rijswijk, with the aim of improving accessibility for employees and customers in the Randstad.

While our current office in Den Helder is strategically located on the North Sea coast, it is less centrally positioned. By opening an additional branch in Rijswijk, we address the needs of our employees and customers in the Randstad.

Enhancing accessibility for employees and customers in the Randstad is one of the primary benefits of our new office location. It enables us to strengthen our team with talent from the region while also improving our services for existing and potential customers in this economically significant area.

Establishing ourselves in the heart of the Randstad allows us to leverage the proximity to an extensive network of partners and suppliers. This enables us to collaborate more efficiently, act faster, and take advantage of innovations and expertise within the region.

Having a physical presence in the Randstad strengthens our competitive position in the offshore sector. We increase our visibility and create new business opportunities by being located in an economically dynamic area with a high concentration of industries and companies.

With The Lobby Rijswijk, we intentionally chose a star-rated office location. This modern complex offers practical and appealing workspaces that enable our employees to work efficiently and comfortably. Its proximity to The Hague, excellent public transportation via the NS station, and convenient location near the A4, A13, and A12 make it easily accessible for both employees and customers. Ample parking space is available.

This step marks a significant milestone in our growth and reinforces our position as a progressive offshore company. We are confident that the new location will contribute to strengthening our services, expanding our customer base, and creating new opportunities in the dynamic market of the Randstad.

The address is:
Bluestream The Lobby Rijswijk
Lange Kleiweg 6
2288 GK Rijswijk
The Netherlands


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