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Bluestream partners with Offshore Experience

Bluestream joins the Offshore Experience as partner and gives an experience in the field of innovation and tailor-made technical tooling.

The Offshore Experience takes place at 8 September 2022 at a unique location, the Kampanje on the Willemsoord site. This location, located in the heart of Den Helder, perfectly reflects the offshore sector. The rugged character, the application of sustainable innovation and being in contact with the natural elements wind and water.

A blue economy is becoming increasingly important with the enormous claim to space. So how can an offshore wind farm or gas platform share its space with fisheries or aquaculture? During the Offshore Experience you will gain knowledge about the most important topics of today's offshore challenges.

The Offshore Experience is intended for everyone who is active in the blue economy: for professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers. If you have an affinity with offshore energy, ecology, fishing or transport, we would like to see you on 8 September in Den Helder. By bringing the visitor into contact with the latest developments and the work 'outside' during the day, we want to enthuse and inform them extra.

The Offshore Experience program consists of three parts: the Experiences; in-depth masterclasses and plenary sessions. Check for more information and program details https://offshore-experience.nl/program/.

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