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Decom 2022

Decom Live Amsterdam: 29 June 2022

You’re invited!
Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports and Decom North Sea are organising the first Decom Live Amsterdam Event. And Bluestream is pleased to be part of this dedicated decommissioning event.

Hundreds of objects and installations at sea, ranging from platforms to vessels and wind turbines, will reach the end of their lifespan in the coming decades and will need to be recommissioned and recycled.

At Bluestream, we’re proud to share our vision on decommissioning, and to present how we have carried this out for our clients in a safe and cost-effective way. We have experience in many decommissioning campaigns, including the preparation phase, on behalf of operators as well as main contractors. And we’re fast building a track record in this field of operation.

Are you interested in learning from our track record on decommissioning? Would you like to discuss our decommissioning strategy and opportunities? Then join us at Decom Live Amsterdam on 29 June 2022. For more information, click here.

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