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ICCP SAM awards

ICCP-SAM secures second place at Offshore Wind Awards

During the Offshore Wind Innovators Awards 2023, Bluestream and CORROSION proudly clinched second place with their groundbreaking ICCP-SAM! This prestigious award not only recognizes their outstanding achievement but also highlights the innovative prowess within the wind community.

Securing this honourable position underscores the significance of ICCP-SAM as a cutting-edge solution for the sustainable protection of XX(X)L monopile foundations against corrosion on a global scale. This achievement serves as a resounding confirmation that the ICCP-SAM is indeed a future-proof technology that aligns seamlessly with the evolving needs of the offshore wind industry.

The ICCP-SAM, or Subsea Assembly Method, stands out for its remarkable compactness, allowing for easy transportation and deployment with minimal resources from the topside of the offshore foundation. Operating remotely, this revolutionary system manoeuvres the anode underwater into the designated foundation entry hole, securing it to the foundation using the same tool. A key advantage lies in the ability to replace the anode throughout the foundation's lifetime without the need for diving operations.

Beyond its infinite applicability in safeguarding monopile foundations of all sizes worldwide, the ICCP-SAM boasts substantial time and cost savings. In stark contrast to traditional methods that necessitate larger installation vessels and significant secondary steel or vulnerable CPS constructions, this innovative installation method has minimal design requirements and eliminates the need for large supply vessels. Importantly, it provides an environmentally friendly means of protection for every type of monopile from installation to decommissioning.

Bluestream and CORROSION's achievement in securing the second place at the Offshore Wind Innovators Awards 2023 underscores the industry's commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing sustainable solutions for the future.

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