John Boer


Business Controller

In February 2021, I was taken on at Bluestream to look for a successor to the Finance Director, who had found a position elsewhere. But in the meantime, all her tasks had to be taken over and  redistributed. Along the way, we discovered a new area – Business Control – and at the beginning of January 2022, I started in the role of Business Controller.

Bluestream feels like a family business: the way of working, the attitude of my colleagues and the company culture all fit with my personal values and way of living. As Business Controller, I took over a lot of the financial control tasks of the former Finance Director, but I also aim to add new business control features to company. By shifting the focus from the short term to the medium-long term, and creating more awareness about the financials and other figures, we’re able to distribute the responsibility for the business to a wider management team – in other words, business control. We strive to improve the company continuously so there will always be a bright future for Bluestream.

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