Bluestream project OWF
Subsea and topside OWF inspections

Want to know what a typical project at Bluestream looks like? Take a look at a recent case study…

The challenge

Bluestream was asked to carry out vital annual subsea inspections in the German and Dutch sector of the North Sea. During these inspection programmes, our role is to assess the integrity of wind turbine generators and platform foundations. 

The solution

With our core value of 'client focus' in mind, Bluestream’s solution was to combine various clients and offshore wind farms to save costs when it came to the mobilisation and demobilisation of vessels. This had the added bonus of reducing the execution window by ensuring a minimum number of crew changes.

Unique to this year’s campaign, Bluestream also integrated non-inspection works in its programme. We retrieved a subsea oyster and environment monitoring frame, which had been previously installed to perform measurements on oyster reefs.

What’s more, Bluestream took an extra step for one of its clients by combining the subsea inspection programme with drone inspections. The purpose? To assess the integrity of the foundations of wind turbine generators both above and below the waterline within the same execution window. This tailored approach was highly valued by the client and resulted in a lower health & safety risk profile as well as additional cost savings.

The scope included:

  • General Visual Inspection
  • Coating Inspection
  • Close Visual Inspection
  • Scour measurement
  • Cathodic Protection measurement
  • Marine growth inspection and removal
  • Debris evaluation
  • CPS inspection
  • Oyster reef inspection
  • Retrieval of subsea frame

The conclusion
We believe that a flexible approach coupled with a focus on cost savings by linking offshore campaigns is the way forward. That way, you’ll keep your operations and maintenance phase as cost-efficient as possible. 

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