Bluestream Offshore Rope access
Topside umbilical repair

The challenge

Our clinet has been operating the P6-D platform for years. But in 2019, the platform was damaged after a fishing vessel collided with one of its legs. The collision damaged the platform’s J-tube and the umbilical inside it.

The solution

As part of the wider decommissioning project, Bluestream was contracted to repair the damaged control umbilical in order to re-establish control over the subsea wells. Bluestream rope access technicians removed a damaged section of the J-tube before stripping back the control umbilical and reattaching its vital hydraulic and electric connections.

The scope included:

  • Onshore mock-up and testing of cutting equipment
  • Training of multi-skilled rope access technicians for umbilical repair
  • Installation of temporary fixation clamps on J-tube
  • Removal of damaged J-tube section
  • Installation of temporary fixation clamps on umbilical
  • Cutting and removal of damaged umbilical section
  • Installation of new umbilical section
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