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It's all about the team!

Our culture memo

Bluestream's essence

Bluestream has a culture that places employees at the center, with flexibility, engagement, and appreciation as its pillars. We support and train our employees so they can continuously improve in their daily tasks. It's not just a demand from our industry; we also consider it important to foster the growth of our employees, both in their specialised job competencies and in their personal development. Bluestream invests in its employees' development and offers career opportunities for them to grow and flourish within the organisation.

Together, we are Bluestream!

Bluestream team

Relaxed work environment

The organisation has created an informal work environment where personal contact, respect, and a good work-life balance are central. Given the international nature of our organisation, we pay great attention to diversity. Additionally, we encourage valued behaviors such as customer focus, innovation, integrity, and engagement. Bluestream aims to be a reliable and efficient organisation that employees and clients can be proud of.

A future-oriented employer

Bluestream highly values the dedication and engagement of its employees. We foster a work environment where flexibility is key, allowing employees to work on-site, at the office, with clients, or remotely. This provides them with a diverse role in a dynamic industry. Moreover, Bluestream offers a competitive salary that grows annually, an annual performance bonus, and profit sharing.

We are proud that Bluestream is a forward-thinking employer based on our four core values: Client focus, Innovation, integrity, and commitment.

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What do we offer our people?

At Bluestream, we don't just treat our employees as staff, but as individuals. We provide personal support and cultivate an informal work environment where everyone can be themselves. Colleagues take an interest in each other, inquire about each other's well-being, and help when needed. This creates a close bond and a pleasant working atmosphere. Having lunch together strengthens our team spirit and contributes to the informal atmosphere we cherish. Additionally, we prioritise a good work-life balance, allowing for flexible work arrangements and sufficient personal time.

Diversity and inclusivity

Bluestream provides a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees. We consider diversity and inclusivity crucial because they are essential for our success and continuity. We respect every employee, regardless of age, gender, cultural background, or other personal characteristics.
We offer everyone fair and equal opportunities and respect the dignity, individuality, and privacy of each person. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying, whether verbal or physical.
Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain the best people - individuals who identify with the standards and values of our organisation and can bring out the best in themselves and their team.

Culture memo

Open and honest communication

At Bluestream, we value honest and open communication and acknowledge everyone's right to express their opinions. We empower our employees to make the most out of communication and interactions with others. Our standard practice involves listening when others speak, communicating without judgment from our own expertise and experience, showing understanding for others, and giving everyone the chance to speak. For instance, it is not appropriate to communicate on behalf of others without permission, make general assumptions, or assume that everyone shares the same opinions, beliefs, values, and conclusions. We do not condone offensive language, disrespectful remarks, or gossip.

Valued Behaviors

Within Bluestream, certain behaviors are encouraged. These valued behaviors include teamwork, taking responsibility, dedication, engagement, and efficiency in work. There is a culture of openness and honesty, where people dare to ask questions and seek clarity. Bluestream appreciates individuals who take responsibility. These valued behaviors contribute to a reliable and efficient organization.

At Bluestream, we aim to bring out the best in you!

We take pride in providing a supportive and inclusive work environment where you can grow, be yourself, and take responsibility. We believe in the potential of our employees and want to give them every opportunity to succeed within our organisation and as individuals.