Willem; Senior Technician (Diving)
Diving Technician

Diving Technician

As a Dive Technician, you are responsible for maintaining all dive-related equipment, from decompression chambers to dive helmets. You work in a dynamic environment, performing both meticulous technical tasks and more robust grinding and welding activities. At Bluestream, you not only enjoy diversity in techniques but also a friendly working atmosphere.

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Your Role as a Dive Technician at Bluestream

As a Dive Technician at Bluestream, you are the cornerstone of dive equipment maintenance. From decompression chambers to dive helmets, you contribute to the functionality of essential dive systems. Balancing between meticulous technical work and more robust grinding and welding tasks, each day becomes diverse and challenging.

You are responsible for the maintenance and inspections of dive equipment, including thorough cleaning and assembly of dive helmets. When reconstructing helmets, you meticulously follow a checklist and collaborate with a colleague for quality assurance. Additionally, you focus on assembling and maintaining decompression chambers, engaging in both fine technical tasks and more substantial activities such as grinding and welding. This diversity in responsibilities, combined with the freedom and pleasant working environment at Bluestream, makes every workday fascinating and enjoyable.

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