Jorrit; Technician (ROV)
ROV Technician

ROV Technician

Are you seeking a job that pays well enough to enjoy life fully? A job that allows for gym sessions, vacations, and a vibrant social life? Then we have the perfect job for you: technician in the offshore world!

With us, you'll immediately work on real tasks. No wasting time on unimportant duties but diving into challenging projects from the start. Best of all, you'll be guided by experienced, helpful colleagues eager to share their knowledge and take the time to mentor you.

Furthermore, if you wish, you can further develop in what you enjoy the most. We offer you the chance to excel and become exceptionally skilled. At our company, you decide who or what you want to become in the future.

The offshore world isn't for everyone. It's for those willing to go the extra mile. But believe me, it's worth it. In return, we form a tight-knit team that can trust each other fully. And that's crucial, especially offshore, where divers' lives and the success of ROV operations rely on you. Comradeship holds great importance for us.

We believe in the "work hard/play hard" principle. There's laughter, yet your colleagues will honestly let you know if something isn't right. A minute later, they'll pat your back and crack a joke to lighten the atmosphere.

Everything you learn, you can immediately apply. No endless theoretical lessons but learning while working. This way, you'll swiftly and purposefully develop yourself.

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Technical high school education.


Ideally, 1-3 years of relevant work experience.


SCC (VCA) certified or willing to study


BSO Stramien video's7

Your role as a Technician at Bluestream

As a technician in our team, you handle troubleshooting and repairing pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical components of the ROVs. You work alongside our experienced workshop team, assisting in the maintenance, assembly, and repairs of our remotely operated vehicles, the ROVs.

In addition to testing all equipment, you ensure all activities meet the highest safety and quality standards. You follow the correct procedures to execute assembly, testing, and repairs as per industry norms. It's crucial that any alterations to equipment or systems are fully authorized and supported by drawings and technical documentation, all in line with engineering procedures.

You also collaborate with subcontractors on systems and are involved in mobilizing and demobilizing equipment and units, both onshore and offshore. If required, you offer support in other activities.

What do you need? You have a technical high school education in automotive technology, service and maintenance E&I/WTB, or something similar with knowledge of pneumatics/hydraulics.

You enjoy working in the offshore industry and possess good knowledge of working safely with electrical equipment, especially at high voltage. Experience in troubleshooting electrical equipment and associated software, as well as experience with mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems, is crucial. You can read electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic line drawings. Work experience in a similar role is a plus, but with the willingness to learn, you can go a long way.

Finally, it's important that you have a good command of the Dutch language and a basic understanding of English.

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Are you ready for an exciting career in the offshore world? Do you want to earn enough to fully enjoy life? Are you eager to get your hands dirty and be part of a tight team? Apply now as a technician and bring out the best in yourself at Bluestream.

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This is what we offer:

Professional and personal development are crucial to us, and we challenge our people to enhance their skills.

Bluestream is ready to support your talent and career development. We offer a competitive salary aligned with the market. Based on your performance, you're also eligible for annual salary increments and our bonus system.

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