Barry; Supply Chain Coordinator
Supply Chain Coordinator

Supply Chain Coordinator

As a Supply Chain Coordinator, you are responsible for the smooth flow of supply chain activities for projects.

This encompasses everything from procurement to logistics and certifications. Your responsibilities span managing procurement processes, nurturing relationships with suppliers, supervising logistics, and offering overall project support.

To excel in this position, we're looking for someone with a secondary to higher education level, a minimum of 2 years of applicable work experience, and a profound understanding of compliance and logistics intricacies. Your precision and coordination skills will be instrumental in harmonizing our supply chain processes.

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Secondary to higher education level.


Minimum of 2 years of relevant work experience in a similar position.


Excellent command of both the Dutch and English languages.

Jour role as a Supply Chain Coordinator at Bluestream

As a Supply Chain Coordinator at Bluestream, you play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth flow of supply chain activities for our projects. You manage procurement processes, logistics, and certifications, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Your responsibilities include procurement planning and execution, managing supplier relationships, equipment and inventory storage, and coordinating transportation and customs clearance.

You also support project and tender activities, attending meetings, providing logistical advice, and offering crucial information for tenders.

Additionally, you ensure compliance with relevant standards and regulations, including SCC (VCA), ISO, and industry norms.

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