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Integrated inspection campaign

Integrated Inspection Campaign 2022

The challenge
All offshore structures require continuous inspection and maintenance programs to ensure their integrity is safeguarded for their entire intended lifespan. For the subsea part this is most commonly done with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and divers.

Decom 2022

Decom Live Amsterdam: 29 June 2022

You’re invited!
Amsterdam IJmuiden Offshore Ports and Decom North Sea are organising the first Decom Live Amsterdam Event. And Bluestream is pleased to be part of this dedicated decommissioning event.

Global Offshore Wind 2022

Come and visit us at the Wind & Water Works Netherlands Pavilion at Stand 208.

Global Offshore Wind is the largest dedicated UK offshore wind event to gain valuable market insights and practical business strategies designed to support the fight against climate change.

2021 in Numbers

We entered 2022 in a great way! With already several offshore operations ongoing and many more to follow we are full of energy.