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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle inspections

Alongside our rope access services, we provide Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) inspections to ascertain whether additional inspections or repair activities are needed.

UAV inspections are a safe and cost-effective method to reduce the scope of work to only that which requires additional inspection, and to determine the priority for repair. Our experience shows that a UAV campaign followed by a rope access campaign for additional inspection is extremely cost efficient. More importantly, the health and safety risks are minimised as the scope of manual labour is also reduced. 

We provide our UAV inspections in cooperation with a highly experienced partner with an extensive track record in the oil & gas and offshore renewables industry.

UAVs are particularly suitable for inspecting: live installations, such as met-masts and flare stacks, WTG foundations and towers, rotor blades and hard-to-access infrastructures.

Inspections can be performed from either the work site, platform or vessel.

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