Kieran; Inspection Engineer


Inspection Engineer

Originally from Australia, I began working at Bluestream in 2015 as a freelance commercial diver.

In 2019, I completed the 3.4U inspection coordinators’ course and was given the opportunity to join Bluestream’s IRM department. As an Inspection Engineer, I’m involved in all aspects of an IRM project. At the start, I’m there to ensure the quality of the project preparations. During offshore operations, I might join the offshore team to help with the project and work alongside the ROV crew or divers to assist in processing the data collected. And at the end of an offshore project, the data comes onshore where we prepare the final product ready to be delivered to the client. 

At Bluestream, it’s a privilege to work alongside so many knowledgeable people from various backgrounds. Together, we’re committed to creating the best product possible for our clients.

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