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Bluestream takes a leap forward on the Safety Culture Ladder!

We are pleased to announce that Bluestream is now Safety Culture Ladder (SCL) level 3 certified. 

This achievement shows that our commitment to safety goes further than only having procedures in place. We are grateful for everyone’s involvement and looking forward to a further  development of our safety behaviour.  

But what exactly is the SCL, and why is it crucial for companies like ours operating in the offshore industry?
The SCL goes much further than having procedures in place and is a framework that promotes safety awareness and conscious safe and healthy behaviour. The primary objective is to reduce the number of unsafe and unhealthy situations, resulting in fewer incidents, omission, and damages.

At Bluestream, we understand the importance of a safe culture in our day to day operations. It goes beyond compliance and encompasses the attitudes, behaviours and values that shape our organisation. Creating an working environment where individuals feel comfortable speaking up about potential safety issues is key. By fostering an open dialogue and actively listening to our employees, subcontractors and suppliers, we can identify and address any unsafe or unhealthy situation promptly.

The SCL serves as a comprehensive guide for safe and healthy work practices in various industries, ensuring that everyone involved, whether clients, contractors, subcontractors or suppliers, actively contributes to safety throughout the entire supply chain. Safety is a collective responsibility, and we firmly believe in working together to achieve the highest safety standards. 

Advancing from level 2 to level 3 is a remarkable accomplishment for Bluestream and proves a significant shift in our safety culture and dedication for continuous improvement. 
Here's why it's good news for you too.

Moving to level 3, the "calculative" stage, reflects our company's commitment to the next level of safety standards. We have embraced vulnerability and taken responsibility for our safety practices, not only for our own benefit but also for the well-being of our workforce on- and offshore as well as for our client base. 

However, we don't plan to stop here. We are already setting sight on achieving the next milestone. Being at the "proactive" stage means safety is embedded in every fibre of our organisation. We continuously invest in raising safety awareness and encourage our team members to hold each other accountable for behaviours. We proactively implement improvements, evaluate their effectiveness, and take the initiative to ensure everyone understands their role in maintaining a safe workplace.

Join us on this journey towards excellence at every level!

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