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our most valued asset At Bluestream we live by the value of our people, which is fundamental for us as a company to be safe, committed and successful. We truly believe that your talent, capacity and knowledge will make a difference in our team and we will make the difference for you.
Barry; Supply Chain Coordinator

Barry; Supply Chain Coordinator

"I started working with Bluestream in September 2019 as a Supply Chain Coordinator having already completed 13 years working in a similar role within the Oil and Gas Industry.
Our department provides total support from logistic and customs processes to purchasing of all materials as required for the various projects.
In order to provide the operational and logistical support required it is essential that the department communicates effectively with our suppliers but also within Bluestream. Working together as a team is the key to the development of the organisation and its future success.
Since Bluestream is an innovative company, I have the freedom to look for new solutions or think outside of the box, to provide the best suitable options for offshore operations, acting “like a spider in a web”."

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