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our most valued asset At Bluestream we live by the value of our people, which is fundamental for us as a company to be safe, committed and successful. We truly believe that your talent, capacity and knowledge will make a difference in our team and we will make the difference for you.
Fecco; Project Manager

Fecco; Project Manager

"I started working for Bluestream as a Project Manager in September 2019. In managing different ROV projects simultaneously, the daily tasks are varied and wide ranging making every day different. Being the Project Manager provides me with the opportunity to liaise with a variety of clients in the oil and gas as well as the renewables industry, which I very much enjoy.

Bluestream is an exciting and lively company where people are very responsive to client updates and demands. People are highly motivated to perform at a high service level providing solutions using the available technical knowledge. Communication between the various departments is excellent and the people within them very approachable."

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