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our most valued asset At Bluestream we live by the value of our people, which is fundamental for us as a company to be safe, committed and successful. We truly believe that your talent, capacity and knowledge will make a difference in our team and we will make the difference for you.
Peter; Project manager (ROV)

Peter; Project manager (ROV)

"My name is Peter and I started working with Bluestream Offshore in September 2014.

Essentially, my main task is to establish a good working relationship with the clients at Bluestream.
By joining the client’s project team, it allows us to better understand the requirements and goals of the project. The energy, commitment and cooperation found in our team ensure the provision of the best possible service and solutions which we, as a team, are proud of.

Collaboration with several clients in a variety of sectors and the drive for improvement and innovation, makes my job very diverse and challenging. Gaining and sharing experiences in order to find the best solutions is very satisfying. This is more than a job, it’s a passion."

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