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our most valued asset At Bluestream we live by the value of our people, which is fundamental for us as a company to be safe, committed and successful. We truly believe that your talent, capacity and knowledge will make a difference in our team and we will make the difference for you.
Roald; Supply Chain Coordinator

Roald; Supply Chain Coordinator

"My name is Roald and I started working as a Supply Chain Coordinator at Bluestream in March 2020. Before Bluestream I worked in the transport sector and followed the Supply Chain Manager training program. I really wanted to be able to apply the knowledge gained during this training in practice and was delighted to be given this opportunity by Bluestream.
From day one I felt really at home within the Bluestream team. No two days are ever the same and I find it extremely interesting to be able assist in all aspects of a project from start to finish. In the Supply Chain Department we deal with transport, purchasing and customs and are always looking for ways to improve our internal and external processes.
From the moment I started with Bluestream it was apparent to me that my colleagues were keen to help and support myself and others in order to develop our professional skills. I feel extremely lucky and happy to be part of such a team and look forward to the years ahead."

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