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Amstel-Sierra-Orca Field Development

Amstel-Sierra-Orca Field Development

GDF Suez E&P Nederland B.V. is developing the Sierra L5a-D, Amstel Q13a-A and the Orca D18a-A fields. Three new platforms have been installed at these fields in the Dutch sector of the North Sea.

Bluestream Offshore B.V. (as Bluestream) has been awarded a contract by Cecon to undertake subsea activity works for the installation of spools at the following locations:

• ORCA - D18a-A & D15-A – 8”/2”;
• SIERRA - L5a-D & L5-A – 10”/2”;
• AMSTEL - Q13a-A & P15-C – 8”;

Several spool pieces, 21 to be exact, were installed by divers with ROV support using DPII DSV Stril Explorer, DPII DSV Go Electra and the moored vessel Seamar Splendid.

The work was executed using vessel based surface supplied air diving techniques. All diving operations were undertaken within the North Sea located on the Dutch Continental Shelf with a working depth varying between -19.9 and -46 Msw.

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