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Replacement F2-A Hanze 4” Gas Export Pipeline

Replacement F2-A Hanze 4” Gas Export Pipeline

Dana Petroleum Netherlands B.V. is the operating company of the F2-A Hanze platform which is located approx 200 km north of Den Helder in the Dutch sector of the North Sea..

The F2-A Hanze platform is connected via a 4” gas export flexible pipeline with the A6-F3B gas pipeline.
An umbilical has been installed next to this pipeline (piggybacked to the flexible).

The flexible pipeline had to be replaced with a new flexible. The existing umbilical was to remain in place whilst the old flexible pipeline was to be removed.

Bluestream was requested by Dana Petroleum Netherlands B.V. to install the new 4” gas export flexible pipeline at a water depth of 42 meters. The scope was executed from the Stril Server which was hired and equipped by Bluestream with a 24 hour diving and ROV team. The project had different phases and was executed according to the following steps:

1. Removal of rock dump near the side tap (with a Scanmudring machine).
2. Removal of rock dump near the platform (with airlifts).
3. Preparation of two crossings.
4. Isolation and valve testing.
5. Detachment of flexible pipeline.
6. Installation of new 4” flexible pipeline including bend restrictors.
7. Tie-in of new flexible pipeline including dewatering of the 4” spool & additional valve.
8. Leak testing and dewatering of the new flexible pipeline.
9. Installation of dropped objects protection and stabilising bags.

The main sub-contractors for the project were: Mokster, Offshore Independents, Scanmudring, RentOcean, DeepOcean, VDR, HOCVersteeg, Exsto and Stolk .

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