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Riser Reinstatement

Riser Reinstatement

Bluestream was requested by AJS/NAM to provide Rope Access construction, rigging and lifting expertise for the L13-E Riser Reinstatement on the L13-C platform.

The complete project was divided into several stages over an 18 month period. The first stage was the removal of the old flexible riser which, on its turn, was running inside a J-Tube. The topside part was removed with HP abrasive water jet cutting. Following this the Bluestream Rope Access teams assisted in removing the subsea sections of the flexible riser.

The second stage consisted of the preparation of the L13-C installation locations for the new riser and this required the execution of construction and inspection activities by the Bluestream Rope Access teams. The old installation clamps were removed and 2 new installation and hang-off clamps were installed and an installation trail was executed.

The third and final stage was the installation of the new riser. This riser consisted of a 20” dummy riser with an 8” piggyback; the actual gas riser. This new riser was installed in 2 pieces. After completion of the project a 1.5 mT temporary installation clamp was removed.

During the project, and in addition to their climbing skills, the Bluestream Rope Access teams were also required to use their knowledge and certification in the following disciplines: hydraulic bolt torque and tensioning, rigging and lifting, NDT and construction.

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