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Commitment and project involvement
Borwind Beta-GT1 HVCA Cable repair - German Bight

Borwind Beta-GT1 HVCA Cable repair - German Bight

Bluestream assisted Prysmian Powerlink Srl with the recovery of a HVAC power cable and thereafter with the installation of the replacement HVAC power cable. Both removal and installation were executed with Prysmian’s Cable Laying Vessel Giulio Verne and supported by Bluestream’s Cougar XT ROV spread.

The HVAC power cable had to be cut in two places each located 1000 meters from either side of the cable joints. Prior to cutting operations, a hydro digger spread excavated an accessible area around the predetermined cut sections under the HVAC cable, the area was then ROV surveyed to confirm sufficient access and depth.

After excavation, a HCV 270 anvil cutter was positioned by Bluestream's Cougar XT ROV to cut the HVAC power cable. Following successful cutting and separation the ROV installed rigging to recover the cable to the surface. Finally the new HVAC power cable was reinstalled by Prysmian’s hydro-plow burial process. The entire project was ROV guided and monitored during preparation, execution and completion.

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