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Commitment and project involvement
L6 Well Intervention

L6 Well Intervention

The Paragon C461 offshore drill rig (formerly known as Noble Lynda Bossler) moved into the L6 block of the Dutch sector to undertake drilling operations for operator Oranje Nassau Energie (ONE).

At the L6 location, where an existing subsea tree installation was in place, the original reservoir was shut off to drill for a fresh reservoir in a different sediment layer.
Bluestream's subsea services are retained by ONE for their capability and experience in remote interventions. Bluestream provided a compact Tiger ROV system of their newest, innovative design that was positioned on the rig. The Tiger ROV was initially deployed to install a beacon on the subsea structure, a requirement to accurately move in and position the rig above the wellhead. Further support during the well intervention was provided, including diving assistance.

Bluestream's new Tiger ROV systems include the latest features to improve ergonomics and comfort for the ROV operators, reducing manual handling and environmental hazards. The improved launch and recovery system has an unprecedented reach, which allows us to position the system and deploy the ROV with great flexibility.

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