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Commitment and project involvement
NSO and Butendiek Infield Cables

NSO and Butendiek Infield Cables

For the development of the NSO and Butendiek Offshore Wind Farms, Bluestream utilised two of their Panther XT Plus ROV systems on board VSMC’s CLV “Stemat Spirit”. The work comprised the installation of numerous infield cables to connect the wind turbine generators to the offshore substation. The projects were contracted to VSMC and are part of the rapidly expanding renewable energy sector, a sector in which Bluestream has built up a wide portfolio, immeasurable experience and in-depth expertise.

The Panther XT Plus vehicles were chosen for their high thrust and relatively compact size, providing a vehicle with a very high-powered density. A welcome feature against the challenging currents experienced in the German Bight.

A specially designed, vessel-integrated launch and recovery system was developed to be able to launch one of the ROV systems from between the vessel decks. This solution allowed the ROVs to be deployed from optimal positions and ensured efficient deck space utilisation.

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