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Commitment and project involvement
Versatile Installation and Decommissioning services

Versatile Installation and Decommissioning services

Offshore marine contractor Scaldis Salvage and Marine Contractors (Scaldis) is utilising their Heavy Lifting Vessel ‘Rambiz’ in heavy lift projects in an increasing number of markets. With a proven track record in the offshore Oil & Gas industry, the vessel appears to be extremely suitable for the emerging decommissioning and renewable-energy sectors.

Numerous projects often require subsea assistance and involve remote intervention tasks. When catering to this demand, Scaldis retains ROV services from Bluestream. These services include a multiple ROV spread comprising an Inspection Class and Light Work Class ROV system mobilised on board HLV ‘Rambiz’, complementing and completing the vessel’s capabilities.

The ROV systems are equipped with relevant tooling and sensors to suit each individual job. Our innovative approach ensures unequalled versatility, unique use of the relatively small-sized systems and provides adequate subsea support.

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