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ICCP SAM awards

ICCP-SAM secures second place at Offshore Wind Awards

During the Offshore Wind Innovators Awards 2023, Bluestream and CORROSION proudly clinched second place with their groundbreaking ICCP-SAM! This prestigious award not only recognizes their outstanding achievement but also highlights the innovative prowess within the wind community.

This landmark agreement solidifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, safety, and sustainable energy practices in the offshore sector.
Building upon a foundation of successful collaborations, Bluestream Offshore and Nordsee One have consistently demonstrated the power of unity in driving excellence. This agreement marks a new chapter in our shared journey towards sustainable offshore energy solutions.
The trust forged over the years is a testament to the success we've achieved together. This contract signing reinforces our joint commitment to raising the bar and ensuring the longevity and efficiency of Nordsee One's assets.  Together, we're contributing to the global narrative of responsible and efficient subsea asset management.

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