Bluestream carries out an integrated inspection campaign in the offshore energy industry, covering many different clients in both the oil & gas and the renewables

The challenge

All offshore structures require continuous inspection and maintenance programs to ensure their integrity is safeguarded for their entire intended lifespan. For the subsea part this is most commonly done with Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and divers.

The solution

Bluestream has been performing annual subsea inspection campaigns with a dedicated inspection vessel for both oil & gas and renewable operators since 2017.  

This dedicated inspection vessel is fitted with various ROVs onboard, each in different sizes and with different capabilities. The combination of the various ROVs allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to executing projects of differing scopes. 

In addition, Bluestream's in-house R&D department has developed special ROV tooling that made it possible to perform certain inspection and maintenance tasks normally performed with divers with ROVs. Aside cost-savings, this also has a significant positive impact on the HSE side. 

The scope included:

  • General Visual Inspections (GVI)
  • Close Visual Inspections (CVI)
  • UltraSonic Wall Thickness Measurements (USWT)
  • Cathodic Protection measurements (CP)
  • Flooded Member Detection (FMD)
  • Marine Growth inspections (MG)
  • Alternating Current Field Measurements on welds (ACFM)

The benefits
The key benefits for operators and other stakeholders of this integrated inspection campaign is that they can make use of an already mobilised complete and dedicated vessel and saving costs.  Furthermore, a well experienced and committed team of professionals is on board from begin to end of the season and focuses purely on inspections tasks and the associated reporting. In other words, a well-oiled machine. 

Does this suit your interest and would you like to know more about this set-up? Or would you like to discuss what we can do for you in particular? Please contact us.

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