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We provide our clients with tailored solutions to contribute to sustainability and profitability during the installation, maintenance and decommissioning of their offshore assets.

Our services

Since Bluestream was founded, our team of professionals have worked on the preparation and execution of both planned and unplanned interventions. 

Our level of knowledge, commitment, drive to innovate and focus on establishing long-term client relationships, have all led to an impressive track record in a wide range of subsea and topside services during the entire lifespan of our clients’ assets.

Our 'excellence at every level' approach is based on putting together the right combination of our expertise and services for each and every project. With over a decade of experience, our clients value our services for their quality, flexibility and cost-efficiency. 

Offshore services, Renewable energy, oil and gas, OWF,
Installation and commisioning, offshore, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas

Installation and commissioning

During the installation and commissioning phase, Bluestream is at the centre of a multi-disciplinary and multi-contractor environment, working efficiently towards a timely delivery.

Offshore installations and components are thoroughly prepared onshore, while systems are tested at our yard to maximise execution and efficiency. Our tailored solutions range from riser, flexible and spool installations to sonar transponders, ICCP systems and snagging campaigns.

Key capabilities include: engineering, installation works, survey works, installation monitoring and support, seabed clearances, inspections, mechanical works, electrical support, protective coatings and commissioning activities.

Bluestream rope access, Inspection, repair and maintenance
Inspection, repair and maintenance, offshore, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas

Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

During the operational phase, all eyes are focused on maximum production. Bluestream understands this, which is why we execute our work based on the principle of as little downtime as possible.

Whether work is carried out from a vessel or at height, we always strive to mitigate conflicting activities such as simultaneous operations (SIMOPS), ensure short turnaround times, and prevent the temporary stopping of asset functionalities.

Key capabilities include: survey works, non-destructive testing, statutory inspections, electrical and mechanical repair and maintenance work, bolting, corrosion prevention, protective coating, rigging & lifting and hot works. 

Drill and well support, Renewable energy, oil and gas, OWF, ROV
Drill and well support, offshore, oil and gas

Drill and well support

We offer comprehensive support and services to our clients during all well development phases, from preparation and engineering to drilling and final completion of the project.

We provide drill rig services – such as spudcan inspections and observation support – to a large number of clients, via our expanding fleet of observation ROVs. These ensure fast and easy mobilisation and minimum deck space requirements.

During the well completion and operational phases, Bluestream provides cost-efficient solutions for subsea installation and intervention. 

Combining the capabilities of our observation ROVs and our compact work-class ROVs has proven to be a successful and cost-effective approach in shallow water projects, particularly in the North Sea.

Bluestream R and D, innovation
Research and development, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas

Research & Development

Bluestream’s Research & Development department is committed to developing innovative tools and services that allow us to deliver safer and faster.  

Our latest projects are: 
The Arthropod
The Gobiesox
The Crawler

Bluestream Offshore IRM, Decommissioning, Rope access, Renewable energy, oil and gas, OWF
Decommisioning, offshore, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas


When an asset has reached the end of its lifespan, Bluestream provides support for safe simplification and/or decommissioning campaigns.

Both subsea and topside, Bluestream has extensive experience in removing objects, installations and components, as well as separating piping and foundations. We have proven to both operators and decommissioning contractors that we’re able to perform complex decommissioning tasks by using our structured approach. 

Key capabilities include: engineering, manual and automated cutting services, rigging & lifting, as-is and as-left surveys, non-destructive testing, structural inspections, provision of multi-skilled labour.

Bluestream support services Rope access, diving, ROV, Renewable energy, oil and gas, OWF
Offshore services, OWF, renewable energy, oil and gas

Support services

The success of our services is determined by being able to fully understand our clients’ needs, analysing every possible solution, preparing properly and carefully managing the project.

We work with our in-house R&D experts and Inspection, Repair and Maintenance professionals to come up with innovative solutions.

Bluestream’s operations are supported by our in-house engineers, project management team, IRM department, R&D department and operations support department. 

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